The Big Idea

Soapbox believes in people. We think there are voices worth hearing in every community. We do not think the talents of the world are concentrated within a few city blocks on each coast of the country.
The project of Soapbox is to encourage public conversation and expression among friends and strangers and to empower people everywhere who speak honestly and reason fairly. We see ourselves as a tool for communities to form and express local opinion and culture.
But for this to work, it must be fun. We make it fun by combining an open mic format, voting, web elements, and a rotation of games to structure discussion and cultural content.

And so, what is Soapbox? It's a Party With a Purpose. What purpose? That's up to you.

What can you get a majority of your neighbors to agree on? The answers to that question are cataloged in the community's online minute book. The minute book is a permanent expression of contemporary local opinion. And it will cover everything - society, entertainment, tech, politics, sports - you name it!
We know that for speakers to be relevant in the modern global conversation, they need video. That's why Soapbox records videos for speakers to share or keep privately and why we live stream portions of our events. Using shareable video, we hope to give individual speakers the power to be heard by the world (but only if they want!).

There's no reason we should have to listen to the same far away people a thousand times without ever hearing what our neighbors have to say. There should be a way for people everywhere to Speak and Be Heard without having to build a broadcast booth in their basement.
So we ask you, Got Something to Say? Say it at SOAPBOX!


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