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Programs are typically between 3 and 3-1/2 hours in length. Attendees need not stay through the entire program and can show up at any time.
Each event is different, featuring different games and formats. The topics of discussion are always audience-generated. 

Programs generally consists of three planned phases - a Debate/Discussion Phase, a Performance Phase, and a Competition Phase
Between each phase of the program, audience members are given the chance to Speak and Be Heard on any topic of their choosing. Speakers may even propose changes to the night's program if there is another game or format their prefer. 

Debate/Discussion Phase

The Debate/Discussion Phase generally involves the use of prompts that the audience (the "Assembly") is asked to answer or respond to. For smaller crowds, open prompts/questions may be used. For larger crowds, prompts are phrased as yes/no, true/false or either/or in order to limit the scope of discussion.
Examples of games used during the Debate/Discussion Phase are:
  • Ask the Assembly
  • Random Record
  • Salvo
  • Yea or Nay
  • Crazy Talk

Performance Phase

The Performance Phase consists of one or two games that require members of the audience to perform some role or task on stage. The performance phase (sometimes referred to as the "Main Event") is typically published on our Videos page after the event.
Examples of games used during the Performance Phase are:
  • Devil's Advocate
  • Totem
  • Your Town Tonight
  • Coup

Competition Phase

The Competition Phase utilizes formats that pit audience submissions or audience members against each other in a competitive format, with winners determined by popular vote.
Examples of games used during the Competition Phase are:
  • Ultimate Battle
  • Ultimate Battle Royale
  • Caucus
  • Political Football


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