1/14/20 - SOAPBOX MADISON      (Quorum: 11)
Resolution 1: The Oxford comma should be used in the English language.
Resolution 2: "Boomers" are people born between 1944 and 1963.
Resolution 3: Marijuana should be legalized and treated the same as alcohol, and all past convictions relating to THC should be expunged.
Resolution 4: Mayonnaise is the best condiment.
Resolution 5: Voting is an important right.
1/30/20 - SOAPBOX MADISON    (Quorum: 11)
Resolution 6: The best Sesame Street character(s) is "Bert and Ernie."
Resolution 7: We would get vaccinated for the coronavirus if one were available.
Resolution 8: It takes hundreds of licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
Resolution 9: The current impeachment process is worth the resources because it sends a message that the President is not above the law.
Resolution 10: Body positivity is a positive thing.
Resolution 11: The best way for an individual to combat climate change is to die.
Resolution 12: Bumper stickers are not on the upswing.
Resolution 13: One should keep the heels on a loaf of bread.
2/11/20 - SOAPBOX MADISON      (Quorum: 11)
Resolution 14: We solve the epidemic of people not using their turn signals by moving towards by eliminating the human element using driverless cars and public transit.
Resolution 15: We should stop producing F-35s in Madison and redirect the resources towards high speed rail.
Resolution 16: Every dollar is a vote.
Resolution 17: Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar acceptance speech was a good speech.
Resolution 18: **Resolution by Caucus** Soapbox Madison chooses Elizabeth Warren as its preferred Democratic nominee for President, with five votes. Bernie Sanders received 4 votes.
2/25/20 - SOAPBOX MADISON      (Quorum: 11)
Resolution 19: Asians are not naturally better at math.
Resolution 20: In general, kids should be vaccinated.
Resolution 21: College is not necessary to live a good and fulfilling life.
Resolution 22: Rush Limbaugh's Medal of Freedom should be revoked.
Resolution 23: The loch ness monster does not exist.
Resolution 24: Alex Jones is an asshole.
Resolution 25: Being a good person and being a cannibal are not mutually exclusive.
Resolution 26: Presidents should be elected by a simple, popular vote that includes a runoff election between the top two candidates.
3/10/20 - SOAPBOX MADISON      (Quorum: 11)
Resolution 27: Joe Biden is capable of being President.
Resolution 28: Cereal is not soup.
Resolution 29: It is not the case that every original song has already been written.
Resolution 30: Double-ply toilet paper is more wasteful than single-ply toilet paper, and double-ply toilet paper is more efficient.
Resolution 31: Assuming that we have solved the education and financing issues that feed into the student loan debt crisis, some form of student loan forgiveness should be instituted for those who went through the current system. 


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