How to Soapbox

1     The Assembly

The Assembly includes all people in attendance besides the Secretary. The Assembly discusses opinions and then uses a majority vote to decide on answers to questions. All who follow the Code of Conduct are encouraged to Speak and Be Heard.

2     The Secretary

The Secretary conducts the program and controls all audio, visual and recording equipment. The Secretary uses ballots, votes and other participatory methods to develop questions for the Assembly to answer during the Demonstration and Event Phases of the program.

3     Microphones

4     Records

Those registered with the Secretary can use the main mic to propose answers, introduce new ideas, make a statement, or call for a vote. Please introduce yourself the first time you use the main mic. All other mics are available to anyone who wants to speak on a question. Speakers at a mic are entitled to be heard by the Assembly, and the main mic is entitled to special deference.
The Secretary records the decisions of the Assembly in the online minute book. Soapbox ordinarily records videos of speakers on the main stage and sends these videos to the speaker via email for free. Soapbox considers speaker videos the private property of the speaker and deletes all videos after delivering. Main events are typically livestreamed and treated as the property of Soapbox.


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