Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do people do at a Soapbox event?

A: People talk, argue, laugh, share content, and vote. The topics of discussion vary from the absurd to the serious. The decisions of the crowd are posted online, and portions of the event are live streamed online.


Q: How do people know when to talk?

A: Soapbox relies primarily on an open format, so anyone who wants to speak can usually do so. Microphones will be available and specific instructions are provided at the event.

Q: Is there a cover charge to attend a Soapbox event?

A: Nope! 

Q: If I show up, can I just watch?

A: Of course!


Q: Do I have to arrive at the start of a program, or stay until the end?

A: Nope! But we do recommend that first-timers try to arrive before the beginning of a program so they have time to register, fill out ballots, and hear the Secretary's introduction.

Q: Will there be prizes?

A: Yes! For speakers who curry the favor of the crowd and for those who submit winning entries in certain competitions.




Q: What's the deal with video recording?

A: About 2/3 of the time, Soapbox provides free, private, high-quality videos to people who speak on the main stage. Our purpose in recording the main stage is to allow participants to address a wider audience over the internet if they want. All our videos are delivered privately to the speaker via email and deleted from our system shortly after they are emailed to the speaker. 


The other 1/3 of the time, Soapbox streams live over the internet. The recordings of any live streams are made available to the public by Soapbox, so don't say anything you wouldn't be comfortable having the world see you say! At all times, speakers will be given a clear indication of whether they are being privately recorded or live-streamed.


Q: Can I record the event myself with my phone?

No. We don't allow others to record in order to prevent people from having their voice and image shared publicly without their knowledge or consent. We believe people will be most comfortable speaking in public if they have private control over all electronic records of their speech. 


Q: How will I get my video?

A: Speakers on the main stage must register with the Secretary using their name and email address in order to speak on the main stage. We will send your video(s) to your registered email address. In the future, we plan to add another layer of security by introducing member pages on our site to which your videos will be posted. 


Q: Can I make money with my video by, for example, posting it on youtube?

A: Don't see why not. The videos are yours! Good luck!


Q: I didn't get my video. What have you done with it, you monsters?

A: Please contact us if you do not receive your video within one day of the event. We're new to this, so there may be some delays.



Q: Where is Soapbox available for booking?

A: Currently, Soapbox is available for booking on any open date in and around Dane County, Wisconsin. We will also consider events at any suitable venue within a 300 mile radius of Madison, Wisconsin, including venues in and around Milwaukee and Chicago, for example

Q: How much does Soapbox charge to conduct an event?

A: Currently, Soapbox charges nothing to conduct an event in or around Dane County. We may charge venues outside Dane County in order to compensate for the cost of transportation. 

Q: What kinds of venues are suitable for Soapbox?

A: Soapbox is best suited for bars and taverns having a staging area maximum interior occupancy between 100 and 400 people. Soapbox is also suitable for fairs and festivals, as well as other public commercial and non-commercial venues. 

Q: How does one book an event?

A: Contact Us!



Q: I noticed Soapbox commenting in an online forum. What's the deal?

A: Soapbox does not itself comment on anything. But communities, via majority vote, can make comments in online forums or take other internet actions. All comments made by a Soapbox location are the honest expressions of the people in attendance at the event and are not endorsed by Soapbox itself.


Q: This website is kinda rough. Why are there no member pages, pictures, etc.?

A: We hope to have all that cool stuff in the future as we develop our website and technology. We appreciate your patience.




Q: I saw someone wearing some of your sweet merch. How do I get some?

A: We're in the live events business, not the merchandise business. If you want our merchandise, you have to show up! 




Q: Does Soapbox have an agenda? Is Soapbox political?

A: Soapbox wants to be as neutral as possible on all topics, because we want to be a platform for everyone to Speak and Be Heard. Employees of Soapbox are not permitted to express or encourage any political position or agenda with one exception: We strongly support the rights of all people to Speak and Be Heard and will fight any attempt to quiet civil, honest and reasonable discourse wherever we operate. 

Please contact us with any other questions, comments or concerns using our Contact Page.


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