Code of Conduct

1. Be Civil. Do not threaten, slander, slur, intimidate, harass, incite violence or destruction, or violate any law. Sexual and excessively vulgar speech are prohibited.
2. Be Honest. Admit the truth when it is spoken or requested. Do not misrepresent.
3. Be Fair and Reasonable. Do not employ devil's advocacy, disingenuity, faux naivete, selective reasoning, red herrings, ad hominem, double standards or other forms of bad faith or unreasonableness. Speak to and hear others the way you want to be heard and spoken to.
4. Speak for Yourself. Do not represent or claim to represent the opinion or interests of an organization or person other than yourself, and do not present the words or thoughts of others as your own.
5. Respect the Program. Keep to the topic of discussion and respond to the prompts and questions that are before the Assembly. Do not interfere with the participation of others. Artistic or dramatic performances, as well as solicitation in any form, are usually prohibited (see "special exceptions").
6. Respect the Microphones. Deference should usually be given to a speaker at a microphone, and special deference should be given to a speaker at the main microphone. Do not try to control or monopolize a microphone. Promptly obey the instructions of the Secretary with respect to your use of the microphones.
7. Do Not Record. Soapbox operates its own recording equipment and, when not streaming live, produces personal, private videos for those who speak on the main stage. By disallowing private recording, Soapbox allows each speaker to maintain personal control over whether their voice or image is recorded or distributed.
8. Do Not Share Others' Private Information. Public information and public persons may be freely discussed, but do not share private information about private persons unless that person is you.
***Special Exceptions***
Parts of our program may allow for dishonesty, unreasonableness, performance or solicitation. The Secretary will make clear when these special circumstances exist.


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